Marsh Creek provides full-service, turn-key solutions for all telecommunications and tower needs in every environment. We are well-established and growing, with a reputation for excellence in safety and quality of work all over the inter-mountain west, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. We are a full-service company with the resources to provide everything from repair, maintenance, and component installation to comprehensive builds from raw land. Our clients trust us to provide antenna and co-locate services, component installation, tower installations and upgrades, foundations and structural upgrades, and construction services related to LTE. We perform DC power installations, 3G to 4G upgrades, all logistics and material supplies, and component installations. As trusted experts, Marsh Creek provides professional services to complete any scope of work on time and on budget.


  • Civil Work and Foundations
  • Co-locations for Towers, Monopoles, and Rooftop
  • New Monopole Builds
  • New Rooftop Builds
  • New Self-Supported Tower Builds
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Upgrades and Improvements
  • Tower and Antenna Systems Installation and Maintenance
  • Design and Distribute Power Systems
  • Battery Backup and UPS
  • Generators


General Dynamics - Structural Modification
 Marsh Creek performed a structural modification to a site in Eastern Idaho with limited access located at a ski resort. It was an extensive modification to an existing self-support tower. Marsh Creek removed and replaced every diagonal up to 100’. Many challenges were met due to weather and difficult transportation conditions up mountain roads. Work was completed on time and within budget.

Verizon Wireless - New Construction
Marsh Creek was awarded a new site build in the Treasure Valley area of Idaho. New antennas were added to an existing monopole. The build also required a new shelter and foundation, as well as boring for new power and fiber. Existing landscaping was also removed. This project was in a high traffic area, requiring crowd control during the crane work. Local businesses were included in the planning in order to bring the crane onto the site to set the shelter. Work was completed safely without incident. 

Crown Castle - Tower Restoration

Marsh Creek was awarded several sites in the State of Hawaii to perform rust remediation, steel replacement and to apply epoxy to the towers to lengthen the life of the towers including removal of rusted hardware. The work was done over the course of 3 months with no incident other than a farmer tan. The work performed was on multiple islands and in remote locations of Hawaii.  

FAA/Parsons Lynn's Intersection Tower, near Juneau, Alaska

Marsh Creek was selected by Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group, Inc. to complete fieldwork at Lynn’s Intersection; a Federal Aviation Administration mountain top site near Juneau, Alaska. A 35-foot tower was constructed on concrete foundations anchored in bedrock for each tower leg. Marsh Creek stick built the lower 20 feet of tower using a helicopter to place the legs due to the remote location and limited access for larger equipment. The top 15 feet was assembled on the ground and placed with a helicopter. Work also included installing a ground ring and excavating, anchoring, and forming footers for two equipment shelters, eight 500-gallon propane tanks, and a new helicopter landing platform. Work was completed on time and within budget despite inclement weather. 
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