Marsh Creek, LLC

800 kW Emergency Black Start Powerhouse

  • * 14’W x 14’H X 30’L VSM Mounted module with a 450 gallon belly tank
  • * 480V 3 PHASE  1600A Switchgear with custom PLC control cabinet for field control and monitoring/control
  • * Stainless steel tubing and flex for fuel and cooling systems
  • * Fully automated Pyrotronics Fire System with fire, infrared, and thermal detection with local warning horns/strobes
  • * Emergency lighting for egress during power outage
  • * Customized radiator recirculation system to cut down on heating costs with electrically operated dampers for environmental control
  • * Automatic transfer switch for module power in case of power outage
  • * Reverse labeling and detailed wiring schematics of all systems installed
  • * Incorporated unistrut grid system for electrica/mechanical equipment support

UL Listed Powerhouses:
2 MW Emergency Standby Powerhouse
1MW Mobile Powerhouse

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