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Marsh Creek Energy Systems provides you with a broad range of energy products and services developed specifically for the oilfield, utility, commercial, and telecom markets. We excel in green energy-integrated systems utilizing diesel power, natural gas, wind, solar, battery powered AC and DC UPS systems. With over 300 years combined experience in Alaska, you receive engineering and custom manufacturing capabilities for the product you want and features you need. Marsh Creek specializes in AC power systems, switchgear, transfer switches, fuel storage systems, enclosures, prime power generators, standby generators, power plants and modules, and power plant operation and maintenance. We provide quality products and services for every application, including remote communications sites and electric utilities. You can build the best possible combinations for your standby and emergency generator set needs. MTU, John Deere and EMD engines are the most reliable in the industry. From 40,000 hour remote site generators to 4 MW oilfield and utility applications, we create the long life generator sets you need. Portable Power Plants, Utility Power, Arctic Proof Trailers, Remote Telecom sites, and Cathodic Protection modules are all built to survive in the Arctic environment, and are constructed to NFPA and IBC standards. 


Marsh Creek Provides Parts, Sales, and Service:

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  • UL Listed Custom Modules
  • UL Listed Custom Switchgear
  • Engines
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Licensed Electrical Contractor
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • UL Listed Generator Sets
  • Arctic Proof Trailers Built to UL
  • Generators
  • Startup and Warranty
  • Power Plant O & M Contracts
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service


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