Marsh Creek is committed to establishing long-term working relationships by providing high-quality services safely, on schedule and within budget. This commitment starts at the top of our corporate management structure and extends throughout our entire workforce. To support our quality and safety programs, Marsh Creek maintains corporate-level Quality Control and Health and Safety Plans. These living plans are reviewed and updated frequently to meet changing regulations and additional business lines. While these programs provide the required guidelines for meeting quality expectations and safety compliance, our quality and safety cultures are driven by the pride our employees take in meeting our client's needs and keeping each other safe.

Marsh Creek Values

  • Safety is a value that is never questioned and never compromised
  • Safety is the social norm regardless of the situation
  • Our management supports the safety culture by assigning financial resources and by supporting safety through action
  • We believe everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others
  • Safety is planned into the work from project inception to completion
  • As suitable for the meeting, safety is the first topic on the agenda
  • Safety training is the cornerstone of our safety culture
  • A safety plan will go with each request for proposal to make subcontractors aware of our safety expectations up-front
  • As part of our safety values, we will raise the safety culture of our subcontractors to that of our own through positive education and modeling
  • We communicate our safety expectations to team members by using safety plans, kick-off meetings, and project orientations
  • Our employees are empowered to stop work if they feel the work will cause harm to themselves or other


HSE Manager (Corporate) 
Jennifer Schmalle 
Phone: (907) 343-0418 
Fax: (907) 279-5710 

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