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Marsh Creek, LLC is an Alaska Native Company jointly owned by Kaktovik Iñupiat Corporation and SolstenXP Inc. Our company began as Marsh Creek Government Services in January 2004, and in June 2005, the name was changed to Marsh Creek, LLC with permanent operations in Anchorage, Alaska; Dixon, California; and Nampa, Idaho. We also maintain project offices in Deadhorse and Kaktovik, Alaska and Guam.

Marsh Creek employs over 100 full-time personnel and 40 to 60 additional project-specific hires to address seasonal workloads and meet client schedules. Our in-house workforce includes a wide range of craft laborers, specialized technicians, construction personnel, and scientific and engineering professionals.

Marsh Creek maintains general contractor, electrical contractor, environmental engineering, and civil engineering licenses, and provides a wide range of client-focused services in three primary areas;  Energy Systems, Environmental and Construction, and Telecommunications.
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